Accessing the coffee industry with Nespresso vending will surely make you smile

7 Reasons Why . . .

  1.  The only fresh milk - pod vending machine.
  2.  Nine distinctive Nespresso coffee blends.
  3.  State of the art equipment.
  4.  High traffic locations secured for you.
  5.  Nespresso's only commercial vending machines.
  6.  No experience required - full training & support.
  7.  'Pay Wave' and Back-to-Base monitoring

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Pod Coffee International is the Exclusive Distributor of the Nespresso Tower vending machine. Our investment in commercialising this equipment has enabled us to offer this exciting and limited
opportunity to you.

Revolutionising Coffee Vending

There's simply never been a coffee vending machine that tastes and looks so good

The new Nespresso Tower vending machine by Pod Coffee International is revolutionising the coffee vending industry. Today, everybody is coffee educated, and a bad coffee can be a real disappointment. Great coffee, is what everybody now expects. Pod Coffee International's Nespresso's Tower serves a great cup every-time.

If you consider the best coffee you ever had to be a 10, Nespresso aim to be an 8 or 9, consistently.
Let's face it, your local barista isn't always going to measure up.
People return to the Pod Coffee International Nespresso Tower for convenience and consistency.

"Many people misunderstood that success only happens if you put in efforts.
My experience told me, opportunity is more important than effort!"

-Bill Gates
World's Richest Man

Striving for perfection

What Pod Coffee International is looking for in a distributor

Distributor Checklist

  • No specific qualifications required, although having business experience is an advantage
  • Entrepreneurial and with an appetite for success
  • Business minded with great people skills and financial management experience
  • Willing to commit fully to a new business venture and devote the necessary time and effort
  • Willing to take advice and direction to achieve the company's vision
  • Financially secure and keen to actively promote and market the business

Limited Distributorships Available

Pod Coffee International is currently considering applications for exclusive territories


  • 4 PCI Nespresso Towers
  • 4 Exclusive Locations
  • Installation & Full Training
  • Fully Stocked
  • And onsite promotions


  • 6 PCI Nespresso Towers
  • 6 Exclusive Locations
  • Installation & Full Training
  • Fully Stocked + 50%
  • And onsite promotions
  • Free Home Machine

State Master Distributor

 Still Available In...

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • SOLD Queensland
  • SOLD Western Australia
  • SOLD Australian Capital Territory

Excellence without compromise

Nespresso created the machine, PCI commercialised it.

Western Australia State Masters

Great business opportunity, great branding and great product!

We are very happy with our new business and look forward to the successful years ahead!

Sally & Steve,
WA State Master Distributors

Full Training & Support

PCI's comprehensive training program covers a complete range of operations which will provide you the tools needed to successfully operate your business.

Our structured program will educate you on the quality, uniqueness, individuality and characteristics of this great business; where you deliver the highest level of customer service.


There has never been a more appropriate time to become involved in this timely business opportunity. We at Pod Coffee International are looking to partner with like-minded, social entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the growing market of coffee consumers.

If you can see yourself owning or managing Nespresso vending machines placed in profitable, high foot traffic locations within your community, then this business opportunity is for you.